Starting Sunday, September 10th we will be studying 1 Samuel.

Our study and discussion guide will be Choose Your King1 by Dr. Tim Chester, the pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, U.K.    Dr. Chester has also authored a longer textbook, 1 Samuel for You2, which your study leader will be using to moderate the discussions.  I can also recommend John MacArthur’s study guide, 1 Samuel: The Lives of Samuel and Saul3, to further inform us on some discussion topics, and I am using a longer commentary from the “Reformed Expository Commentary” series called 1 Samuel4, by Richard D. Phillips, for more extensive preparation materials.

Our goal, as in all of our Bible studies, is to trace out our redemptive history, thread by thread, strand by strand, as it has been woven by the Holy Spirit into the fabric of Scripture and the Word of God.  No single page or episode in this first book of Samuel fails to remind us that in our race’s search for an earthly anointed king, “the history of the first christs [the anointed ones] leaves us longing for the rule of the ultimate Christ.”5  In all Scripture, “[w]e are being shown who God is and how he rules his people; and we are being shown Jesus, His Christ.”6

Below is a syllabus dividing our study of the book up into thirteen segments, along the lines of Chester’s commentary.

Week Date Text Topic (1 Samuel For You)
1 Sept. 10 1:1 – 2:11 A Coming King
2 Sept. 17 2:11 – 4:1 A Coming Priest & Prophet
3 Sept. 24 4:1 – 7:17 The Weight of Glory
4 Oct. 1 7:15 – 9:27 A King Like the Nations
5 Oct. 8 10:1 – 12:25 King Saul
6 Oct. 15 13:1 – 15:35 Adam Revisited
7 Oct. 22 16:1 – 23 The Shepherd King
8 Oct. 29 17:1 – 58 Facing Giants
9 Nov. 5 18:1 – 20:42 Taking Sides
10 Nov. 12 21:1 – 23:25 The Wilderness Years
11 Nov. 19 23:26 – 26:25 Testing Times
12 Nov. 26 27:1 – 28:25 A Word From the Grave
13 Dec. 3 29:1 – 31:13 How the Mighty Have Fallen



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