A Heart of Faith

By: Sinaia Smith Faith is more than just a religion; it is a relationship.A relationship with the Father, the One True God.Faith in the fire, in the drought, in the persecution, in the trial. When all seems to be under fire;Ashes and smoke billowing up all aroundFaith sustains, upholds, and strengthens. Prayer is our only...

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When God Is Enough: Thomas Brewer

Sometimes, life overwhelming.  It can feel like we’re not strong enough or smart enough for whatever trial has come our way.  Such a feeling was familiar to Horatio Spafford, who wrote “It Is Well with My Soul” after dwelling on overwhelming events in his own life—the death of his children and financial ruin.  The first...

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Location X 3

It’s the real estate agents’ mantra. These property experts say there are only three things to consider when buying a home: Location, Location, Location The same needs to be said about our spiritual lives. When you understand your location, you will live in a radically different way. Location 1: Your World You live in a...

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