Missions Corner-Susan Stone

Susan is due for Home Assignment and will leave for the U.S. on March 30th.  She would appreciate prayer for good progress on the website the team is developing for the ministry of encouraging young graduates to put Christian principles into practice in the workplace, an often challenging environment. Specifically she asks for prayer for:...

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Missions Corner-Jews for Jesus

Tuvya reports that he has two significant projects ahead. “First, I am writing a follow-up outreach booklet for Jewish-Gentile couples.  It will introduce them to avenues for finding spiritual harmony in Christ.  Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in the material and   production of the booklet. The other project is with the Jews for Jesus...

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Real Talk

Apparently everybody is a traveler these days. Or at least wants to be. Reading people’s Instragram descriptions is getting downright formulaic. “Passions: Books, craft beer, traveling,” reads one profile. “Photographer, surfer, world traveler,” says another. “I love art, movies, and traveling,” says yet a third.   Travel, travel, travel, bla bla bla . . . bla....

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