In the 1950’s Dr. Herbert Mekeel, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Schenectady, NY, while passing through Pittsfield one day, prayed, “Lord, raise up a strong evangelical church in Pittsfield which is warm in its witness to Jesus Christ and yet has in its worship the dignity to which New England is accustomed.” In 1959 a number of families from General Electric’s Schenectady plant were transferred to Pittsfield. Under Dr. Mekeel’s encouragement they began to meet for Bible study. Then on September 2 of that year, thirteen individuals signed a charter to establish Grace Church Congregational. Since that day Grace Church has sought to maintain that original vision—to be a voice for the gospel in our local community as well as to “the uttermost parts of the earth.”

Grace Church Congregational, Pittsfield, MA   (413)443-2575

Committed to the Sovereignty of God,
the Authority of the Scriptures, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ