Treasuring the Word Together

The challenge is on to memorize Psalm 119 as a body, with each member doing his or her part as able. All stanzas have been spoken for and we look forward to hearing you recite/sing your portion in October. We will enjoy a fellowship meal afterwards. Let’s treasure the Word together!

Psalm 119 has the distinction of being the longest chapter in the Bible. The psalm is an acrostic of twenty-two stanzas, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The eight poetic lines of each stanza begin with the same Hebrew letter.

We are also learning the fourth stanza, with the Hebrew letter Daleth, of Psalm 119 in four-part harmony to be sung a cappella. Our first rehearsal will be Sunday, September 13th. Use the links below to get your part.

1a.25 My soul to dust cleaves: quick – en me, ac – cording to thy word.
1b.26 My ways I shew’d, and me thou heard’st: teach me thy statutes, Lord.

2a.27 The way of thy com – man – de – ments make me a – right to know;
2b So all thy works that won – drous are I shall to oth – ers show.

3a.28 My soul doth melt and drop a – way, for heaviness and grief:
3b To me according to thy word, give strength and send re – lief.

4a.29 From me the wicked way of lies let far remov-ed be;
4b And graciously thy ho – ly law do thou grant unto me.

5a.30 I chosen have the per – fect way of truth and very – ty:
5b Thy judgments that most right – eous are be – fore me laid have I.

6a.31 I to thy testi – mo – nies cleave; shame do not on me cast.
6b.32 I’ll run thy precepts’ way, when thou my heart enlar-ged hast.

A copy of the lyrics can be found here.


This melody is taken from the Scottish Psalter, 1635.

DALETH – Four parts

DALETH_Full Score

DALETH – Soprano




DALETH – Tenor