Massachusetts Safety Standards for Places of Worship for Grace

Here are the guidelines we will use until further notice to comply with the Massachusetts Safety Standards for Places of Worship.

Please do not attend church if you are sick!

Social distancing (6ft minimum) to be abided by at all times

Masks will be required and must put them on prior to leaving your vehicle

Enter through the side door of the church (up the sidewalk). Exception if you need handicap access use the handicap ramp entrance.             

Sanitize your hands before entering the sanctuary.  We ask that those coming to bring their own hand sanitizer if at all possible

A collection plate will be available at the back of the church to avoid back-ups when people are exiting.

Exit through the door at the back of the sanctuary and down the ramp.

Windows will be open for cross-ventilation purposes, so you might want to bring a sweater or jacket

Rows will be setup 6 feet apart.  Some sections will be created for couples and some for families.

Use the window side aisle to enter your seat and use the center aisle to exit.  Please do not visit in the center aisle.

We will provide index cards to mark your seats for future church gatherings. Sitting in the same location each week will allow the bibles and hymnals in your row to be handled by your family only.

There will be no nursery available

Only one person should use the bathroom facilities at a time.  Wash your hands. When you are finished please crack the bathroom door to indicate that the room is now available

There will not be any coffee after worship, but you are free to fellowship outside on the lawn after worship providing you keep a safe distance

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