Did you know about The Ladies Bible Class?

The class meets at the church Tuesday afternoon, 1:15 – 2:45.

Most recently, the class concluded its formal study of Isaiah.

Currently the books under study are 1 and 2 Peter.  The study book is 1&2 Peter, Courage in Times of Trouble, by John McArthur.

The Ladies’ Bible Class conducts the class as follows:

  •  The class begins with prayer.
  •  Subjects for prayer requests are identified.
  •  All members have the opportunity to pray.
  •  One member of the class (on a rotating basis) leads the class, and passes the questions from the study book to members.
  • Other members also provide their insights to the questions.
  •  The class ends in prayer.

Often, the class sends notes of encouragement to prayer request subjects.

During the past year, class members have been especially thankful for our answered  prayers.

We are very thankful for this class. Our oldest member estimates the class has been conducted for over 30 years.

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