Grace Notes – Whatever happened to Grace Notes?

Grace Notes is the church newsletter of Grace Church Congregational, Pittsfield, MA, available at the back of the sanctuary every Sunday. In it you can find a message from the Pastor’s desk, missionary updates, notes, essays and reviews from church members and the church calendar and events. If you’d like a copy please feel free to worship with us Sunday mornings at 10:45 AM. The church is located at 1055 Williams Street, Pittsfield, MA. 🙂

In November 2012 we stopped providing PDF versions on this website since these same items were available elsewhere on the website. However, we’ve since learned that Grace Notes is read is such exotic locals as Sapporo, Japan and Becket, MA.  So we’ve endeavored to return the full PDF version of Grace Notes to the website. We hope to have all 2014 Grace Notes on the website by the end of October. While you’re waiting, feel free to enjoy our Grace Notes Archive.

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