In Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day

My dad on his knees in payer.  How many times did I go by your door and see you on your knees, in conversation with God? Life before Westover Street is pretty hazy for me, but one of the most consistent images I have of you from my Westover Street years is you on your knees beside your bed, every morning and  every night.  If you missed some mornings or evenings I was not aware of it.  I still marvel at, and am thankful for, the discipline of your consistent prayer.  What greater blessing could a child have than a father faithfully gong to his Faithful Father in prayer? To see her provider and protector pointing the way to an even greater Provider and Protector.  To see the dad she depended on showing his own dependence on the One who fails not.  It was (and still is) like a protective hedge around me to know that you were bringing me before our Heavenly Father in prayer.  How different might my life have been were it not for your consistency!

A faithful father faithfully at prayer–one of the richest treasures a child could have!


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