Jesus Sang Out the Psalms

On the road to Jerusalem

People spread out their cloaks

And covered the road with palms.

The crowd went before him

Shouting loud His praise,

And Jesus sang out the Psalms.


In the upper room

With His chosen twelve,

He dispelled the disciples’ fears and qualms.

They ate the Lord’s supper together

And Jesus prayed for them,

And Jesus sang out the Psalms.


Jesus sang out the Psalms

As His daily prayer;

Let us all sing out the Psalms together

And the voice of Jesus will be there!


When He hung on the cross

Between those two thieves,

With nails in His legs and arms,

In that hour of darkness

Our Savior cried aloud,

And Jesus sang out the Psalms.


A hymn by Doug Rose © 2011

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