Missions Corner-Carnevale News June 2017

Praise to the Father who has brought us through this organizational change! [from Wycliffe Associates] We are now functioning as independent missionaries serving the International Linguistic Center and Deaf Missions. We think this introduction in June to Deaf Missions could open up a whole new area of ministry for the deaf.

Praise God the “new” house in Midlothian is finished on the inside and we can move into it whenever we are ready.  That won’t be until after George’s June mission trip, but we are not setting any dates yet.  There is still much outside work to be done, siding and roofing, but these can be done later.

Pray for all our decisions as we prepare the house we own in Dallas to be rented.  We are considering even selling it.  We are waiting for our Father’s direction here as well.  Both are good options for different reasons.

Pray for the upcoming trip to Iowa.  George has a group of men volunteering with him whom he is excited about working with.  Still many details to put together for this project with Deaf Missions in Council Bluffs.

Praise Father for the lovely little granddaughter born on May 11th to our son Grant and his wife Lissi.  Trinity arrived quickly and healthy and sweet!  Her big brothers are loving her and protecting her already!  Trinity makes our 10th grandchild.

Pray for my mother who will celebrate 99 years on July 15th.  She is slowing down and sleeping more, struggling with hearing loss and losing eyesight but still holding her own rather well.  She will be moving with us, and that is a big issue also.

Praise the Lord for the success so far with the hydroponic gardens just recently completed on the International Linguistics Center.  The first fruits have been shared with the poor and some produce has already been served in  the dining hall.  Pray for the ministry outreach potential of this endeavor , and for a team of volunteers to efficiently operate it.

Thank you!

Norine (George too)



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