Missions Corner: Gopperts and South Sudan

News from Chris and Joyce Goppert

                         Chris and Joyce Goppert, whom we supported for many years while they ministered in Zimbabwe, report that they have been invited to make a ministry trip back to Zimbabwe under TEAM during January and February of 2007.

                        The TEAM Leadership Council has asked them to consider serving for part of the time at Karanda Mission Hospital mentoring district pastors, encouraging missionaries and teaching Bible to the nursing students.  Joyce would work with missionaries who wish to improve their Shona Language Acquisition skills.  The remainder of their time would be spent in Harare, where Chris will tutor at the Harare Theological College, conduct seminars, mentor students, and teach and speak in home groups and various church services.  Joyce will encourage by using her gift of hospitality, and mentoring.

                         Their daughter Kim, along with her husband Sean, are currently serving in Zimbabwe for a time.

                         They write, “We would very grateful if you would pray with us that all of our financial needs will be met on time, …and would welcome your partnership through prayer.”

                         Note:  The Gopperts most recent letter to us is posted on the missions board in the church

South Sudan Ministry

Operation Nehemiah

                Elder Bob Kirkman will be returning to Sudan with Operation Nehemiah on the 20th of this month.  The goals for the trip are two-fold: 1)  Bob will be helping a young Sudanese husband and father to set up a Vision Station-supplying him with glasses, equipment and medicines, and training him in using a focometer (a device used to measure refractive errors and prescribe lenses).  2) Bob will also serve as Project Manager for a new brick and block production operation.  Operation Nehemiah has secured contracts with Christian mission organizations to supply bricks and blocks for the construction of schools, clinics, orphanages, and churches throughout Eastern Equatoria.  Part of the proceeds will be used to help develop the community that the former refugees have relocated to, by building mission houses, a Christian conference center (Nehemiah Light House) and expanding the clinic by adding an operating room and a dental clinic.

            When he goes, Bob will also be taking with him the first aid supplies that have been collected over the course of several months in the bins at the back of the church, as well as hundreds of pairs of used eyeglasses that will be used by the Vision Station over several months.

            Bob will be getting to South Sudan a few days before the brick making machine gets there (it’s being shipped from South Africa) and staying for as long as it takes to get the operation up and running smoothly. He says, “Lord willing, I’ll be back before Christmas.  One of the things I am looking forward to is living, working, and worshipping alongside people I met while they were living in refugee camps years ago.”

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