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From Los Angeles, Tuvya Zaretsky (with Jews for Jesus) reports, “I recall an often-repeated principle from our earliest missionary training: The best way to meet Jewish people we can minister to is through the referrals of believing family and friends. So, no surprise when Jeff, a friend and supporter of our ministry on the East Coast, wrote to tell me that his wayward daughter is living with a Jewish guy in LA. They now have a child and are experiencing significant cross-cultural conflict in their relationship. Jeff was asking if I could meet with Ashley* and Joel.* I said, ‘Sure, but they need to know that I’m a Jewish-Gentile couples specialist with Jews for Jesus.’ Back came the reply that they would welcome an opportunity to meet as soon as possible. Please pray for his couple and their adventure with the Lord.

*not their real names

Reprinted from Jews for Jesus July 2015 newsletter


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