Missions Corner: Letter from the Schmidts’

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Our road has accumulated so much snow, that it is down to one lane.  We have come back to a hard winter.

As we look ahead we know Spring is going to come.  What we don’t know is what else will come our way in the form of ministry.  We are already in full swing, yet there are decisions to be made about extra things to take on or not.  The plows will come remove the 8 foot piles of snow and then the roads will be wider again.  Yet, we don’t need plows to give us clear thinking, but we do need to continue to take time with the Lord to sense what we should put our energy and gifting into, as well as readjusting to our regular ministries.  We ask you to pray about this with us.


Full swing in ESF (English Speakers’ Fellowship)- We are thankful for the way this group has continued and grown in our absence!  There are many new people to get to know.  Pray for wisdom as we assess the way forward for this group in 2013.  Pray also that two Japanese ESF ladies who became believers will follow through to baptism.  In March we study the book of Hosea.

Full swing in the Guest Home– February had many guests coming and going.  With so much snow, Dieter taxied them around a lot.  March, too, is quite busy with many guests who are in transition.


Warmth– came in the form of a warm welcome to ‘Sapporo from our friends at OMF and Sapporo International Church! Great to be back!

Warmth-the sun shining through our living room window, even though half of it is blocked with snow.  We are thankful to return to the same apartment!

Warmth– the kitchen as Shelley is baking cakes, which she has done for five different events!

Warmth– having a daughter nearby.  It is great to share time with Hannah.  Having her here also helped make good-byes to Andrea and the family in the USA a bit easier.  How thankful we are for the special times we have had with them!


Pray for:

-good results from various health checkups throughout the month.

-March 11: the two-year anniversary of the triple disaster in Tohoku.  Continue to lift up those who are still struggling.  Praise for the many who have come to believe in Jesus! Pray for the new churches that are starting up!

-Shelley’s brother Dale, who suffers from severe side effects from medication against his kidney cancer. Pray for treatments to be effective to shrink the tumors.

-March 31:  Easter services and baptisms; good preparations and blessed testimony to visitors

-safety on winter roads, and health during the continuing flu season

-details of Rebekah’s wedding and flights for participants from abroad to come together


Appreciating your partnership in Christ!


Dieter and Shelley

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