Missions Corner-New Year Greetings from the Schmidts

The ABUNDANT GRACE of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be upon you in 2016!

Throughout 2015 we have seen God’s sprinkling of GRACE in so many situations! Starting with you who have cheered us on through your prayers and giving of financial support-thank you!

We thank the Lord for His blessings upon our family. By God’s grace we were able to serve here in Sapporo. Rebekah and Kevin had a big change moving to Las Vegas. Kevin and his uncle have started a Japanese restaurant there. Rebekah, by God’s gracious provision already has a new job. She will be teaching middle school math at a charter school starting in January! Hannah continues to teach English in Japanese middle schools, and has developed into a water color artist. She had two exhibits last year. She also is now a friend/partner with OMF. Andrea loves singing in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus, encouraging missionaries by leading a missions prayer group at her church and continues teaching high school math.

In the English Speakers’ Fellowship we have experienced God turning “hard rock into springs of water” (Psalm 114:8) in many people’s lives. An American woman’s boyfriend believed and just got baptized in December! God’s GRACE was also shown in spiritual growth in many lives: repentance, joy in stronger faith, an Australian committing to full time ministry…We praise the Lord! We are also thankful the three new babies are healthy and growing fine.

This last year has shown an increase in guests at the Guest Home, so we are very thankful that in August we got an OMF short-term worker to help us once a week! She also does childcare for a family who is attending the OMF Language and Culture School. We hope to leave the Guest Home well organized for the Canadian couple who will take over for us during our Home Assignment, which begins the end of March.

We trust you had a blessed Christmas! A very Happy New Year to you all! We look forward to seeing you in 2016!

Much love in Christ our Lord,

Dieter and Shelley


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