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I have been reminded recently that, although it is good to pray specifically, it is also good to “stand in the gap” and pray for the “BIG PICTURE”, “THE FINAL RESULT”,  what we think GOD’S PURPOSES are in a matter.   So today I want to communicate to you the vision that I am praying for, and to invite you to pray these things along with me for remainder of my time in Romania (and beyond.)

That God’s Name would be exalted, that His Kingdom would come and that His will be done in Romania as it is in heaven by . . .

  1. Christian employees who have a Biblical perspective of their work, a work style that is consistent with this and a resolve to fulfill God’s purposes for them at their workplaces.
  2. Churches that instruct, encourage and pray for their members as missionaries in the mission field of their places of work.
  3. Towns with growing networks of disciples of Christ, who have become to faith through the help of a Christians who they have come to know through work  and professional contexts.
  4. Workplaces that are functioning more according to Biblical values through the influence of Christians there.
  5. Professional fields that fulfill better their role in society because groups of Christians in them have mobilized themselves for a greater positive impact together, in and through their professions.
  6. Government leaders and people of influence who are competent, have integrity and are working according to Biblical values for the good of the people.
  7. Christian families who, in their communities, have a reputation for doing good, are “light and salt” change agents and are active in evangelism and discipleship among their neighbors, relatives and friends.

Appreciate so much your intercession undergirding the ministry here.  May God bless you for your time spent in this great work!

Be strengthened in the Lord,



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