Missions Corner – Schmidt Prayer Letter, August 2016

God’s grace has been flowing through our Home Assignment. The time in Switzerland was really blessed. Relationships were strengthened at the International church in Buchs, plus with friends and family, especially Dieter’s parents. We had a busy, yet fulfilling time. It was great to have Andrea visit too.

When we arrived in the USA we had a three-day family reunion with Shelley’s siblings and crew.  We loved the time with the American side of the family again, and glad that Rebekah could fly out from Vegas to be with us.  The 24 of us spent time remembering our brother Dale who passed away in December 2014.  His wife, Janet, brought many Brazilian memorabilia to share, and gave the siblings a collection of letters we had each written Dale during our many years apart. His presence, and Mom’s, was sorely missed.

At the end of July we flew to Littleton, CO, to the OMF US headquarters. For a full week we were with 37 other missionaries , also on Home Assignment.  We got to know the Home Staff and received valuable input to help us during our time in America.  We left reconfirmed in our call, plus with much to digest.

We are so thankful that Andrea has a place big enough for us to stay with her while in the Atlanta area! We have enjoyed getting to know some of Andrea’s friends. One has lent us a car for the time down south, and that is such a big help!  We are praying for a car for our travels up North in the fall. There are some friends we want to see in Texas, so we might even drive there for the first time!

Please pray for us as we firm up our travel plans for the fall.  We hope to meet up with many of you dear friends who have partnered with us for a long time. If you would like us to speak in one of your groups, please let us know. (Contact information below.) We would love to share what God is doing in Japan and in our ministries!

Thank you for praying for Hannah!  God worked it out for her to work with her old company again after three months with no work!  She did individual English teaching jobs to hold her over. She also received a three-year visa!  We are so thankful for her, as she is a catalyst in the ESF group which has had some ups and downs lately, so we pray that relationships would glorify God, and that the Bible Studies continue to stay true to the Word.  Two of our leaders will be returning to their countries in September. Pray for others to fill the gaps, and we are thankful to hear that new folks have joined.

We are thankful too, for the Shums who have been a huge help with the ESFers.  Their work at the Guest Home is going great!  What a provision for us while we are away!

Praise for:

*God’s daily Grace and Love

* Our safe arrival in US and blessed family gathering with Shelley’s family

* Valuable time at the OMF US headquarters for the Home Assignment Reunion and Training (HART)

* Shums doing a great job at the Guest Home and helping in at Sapporo International Church (SIC)

Please pray for:

* Refreshing time with Andrea and new contacts with her church friends

* Dieter’s parents now in a nursing home in Switzerland

* Planning and preparation of our travels and presentations up North, as well as a suitable car for the trip

* Meaningful time with many of you, our partners

* Profitable On-line Counseling Course for Dieter in September

* Ongoing strength and health for Shums, filling in for us in Sapporo

* Unity in the ESF group and growing in God’s Word

* Strength for our daughters as they start teaching again

* Kevin’s restaurant’s business to pick up

Thankful for your love and prayers,

Dieter and Shelley

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