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Susan is due for Home Assignment and will leave for the U.S. on March 30th.  She would appreciate prayer for good progress on the website the team is developing for the ministry of encouraging young graduates to put Christian principles into practice in the workplace, an often challenging environment. Specifically she asks for prayer for:

  • All the logistics of filming the banner video and getting it done within the next few weeks
  • A recruiting email recently sent out with specific tasks, requirements – that many good people will respond to this
  • That we can complete the Home Page and “About Us” page of the Website before I leave for the States on March 30.

Be strengthened in the Lord,


“P.S.  I know these seem like little things but I really am desiring that each  step we do for God’s glory and God’s way.  And I think that praying specifically keeps us conscious of the fact that God is attentive to us at all times, cares most about our hearts and is pleased when we treat our work as worship to Him. “


Susan Stone– InterVarsity Romania




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