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London Summer Outreach

This summer our London team had a great witnessing campaign in conjunction with the Olympics. They handed out 96,925 broadside tracts, received contact information from Jewish). They also prayed with 5 Jewish people and 48 Gentiles to receive Christ. Here are some highlights from the campaign:

Barry Barnett: “Anne Lowe and I met a Jewish mother and daughter who were both seeking. We talked the gospel through and the daughter was especially open, but they both gave their contact information. “We got to interact with another Jewish mother and daughter. Maisie, the mother, asked about our T-shirts, so I got to witness to her. She gave her contact information and mentioned that her daughter had gone to school with Helen Shapiro (a well known Jewish believer/musician in UK). We invited them to our Havurah fellowship as Helen Shapiro had agreed to do a worship set with her new group.” [P.S. The Havurah went very well and about twenty Jewish seekers attended, many of whom we hadn’t seen at any of our events before. Thanks be to God!]

Warren Marks: “On Bond Street I asked an Islamic woman, “M” who Jesus is. She said that a few months ago she had a dream about Jesus hugging her and then she had the same dream a few weeks ago. She had been through a very hard time. I told her I thought the dream was a sign that God wanted her in His arms. I explained the gospel and asked if she wanted to pray to receive Jesus into her heart. She prayed to receive the Lord!”

Debbie: “Tony, Olivier and I were eating lunch at Piccadilly Circus.  We’d had a somewhat discouraging morning, but that changed when a young Israeli man came over to ask what our T-shirts were about. I invited him to our Shabbat service and we prayed he would come, but my mouth actually dropped open when he turned up with his girlfriend. They loved the warmth of the people they met as well as the discussion. Since they live in Israel, we have been able to put them in touch with our Tel Aviv branch.”

Jeni: “People were taking my broadsides when out of the blue a woman approached me to ask, ‘How can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus?’ She was drawn to Jesus but worried that if she believed in Him she would no longer be Jewish. I told her that I became complete and fulfilled as a Jew when I accepted Jesus. This really spoke to her. We then read from Isaiah 53. The woman responded that this passage was speaking of Jesus. She was open then and there to pray and receive him. After we prayed, I told her to start reading the opening chapters of John. When I contacted her the next day, she was already half way through the Gospel of John!”


Editor’s note:

Pray for the ministry of Tuvya and Ellen Zaretsky who work with Jews for Jesus out of Los Angeles.


Copyright Jews for Jesus.  Used by permission.


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