Praying for Your Pastor from Head to Toe

Head: “Father, continually renew my pastor’s mind, resulting in a transformed life. Help him bring every thought into captivity to Christ. Give him a greater understanding of Your Word. Help him to think on things that are pure and right and praiseworthy.” (Ps. 119:15,   Ro. 12:2, 2 Cor. 10:5)

Eyes: “Lord, keep opening my pastor’s eyes to deep spiritual truths. Help him to see things as You see them. Guard him against looking at worthless things.” (Ps. 119: 18, Ps. 119:37)

Ears: “Father, let my pastor hear Your voice clearly. Help him to recognize your voice with certainty. Protect him from listening to anyone who is out of step with You. Help him not to be affected negatively by what others say.” (Is. 30:21)

Nose: “Lord, help my pastor discern between good and evil. Give him the ability to determine what is of You and what is not.” (I Kings 3:9, I Jn. 4:1)

Mouth: “Enable my pastor to speak the truth in love. Help him to be swift to hear and slow to speak. Give him the ability to confront when necessary. Let the words he speaks be Yours, not his own. Help him speak with words that bring grace to the hearers. I also pray that you will help him to grow in his speaking and preaching ability.” (Ps. 19:14; Ps. 119:13, Ps. 141:3,Eph. 4:15, Eph. 4:29, James 1:19)

Heart: “Give my pastor a heart that seeks hungrily after You. Teach him to guard his heart with all diligence. Help him deal with anything in his heart that is not pleasing to You. Create within him a pure heart. Enable him to lead Your people with integrity.” (Ps. 78:72, Ps. 119:10-11, Prov. 4:23, I Thess. 3:13)

Hands: “Lord, I pray that everything my pastor does would be done with his whole heart, serving You rather than man. Help him not to ‘dirty his hands’ by doing things that are not pleasing to You. I pray that You will also help him to increase his skills and his abilities. Bless everything he puts his hand to.” (Ps. 24:3-4, Col. 3:23)

Feet: “Help my pastor walk in a way that is pleasing to You. Help him walk with the wise. Cause him to go where You want him to go. Give him wisdom when he inadvertently walks into bad situations.” (Ps. 25:12, Ps. 27:11, Prov. 13:20)

submitted by JoAnn Kulberg

Editor’s note: suitable for praying for one another and for ourselves!


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