Missions Corner-News from the Schmidts-February 2017


“Deetaaa!” shouted our five year old Madagascar “surrogate grandson” Lova, as he came charging toward me, jumping into my arms and not letting go of me during the whole lunch hour on our first Sunday back at the Sapporo International Church! Not quite so dramatic, but just as endearing and warm, was our welcome back with the rest of the church members and our missionary colleagues, and also with our neighbors.

Twenty-seven hours after our friends, the Weemes, dropped us off at the LA airport on January 11, we arrived in Sapporo, tired but thankful for a safe journey. The temperature registered 5° F!  What a difference from the 70° F weather we had enjoyed the Sunday before at the beach in LA! But what a great feeling to finally be back home and to sleep in our own bed again!

Thank you for upholding us in prayer during our Home Assignment and praying us back onto the field! We are excited to  have new prayer partners and supporters joining us this new term. Our desire is to let God lead us forth according to His purposes.  It is easy for us to fall back into set routines in our ministries, so pray that God will clearly show us where He wants us to put emphasis.


How thankful we are now for the 3 1/2 months in Switzerland, especially for having significant time with my parents.  As most of you know, they both passed on to glory, my mom, Anna on Sept. 29, and  my dad shortly after Christmas on Dec. 28.  Going back to Switzerland will never be the same for us from now on.  We appreciate the numerous messages of condolences and your prayers.

OMF Sapporo Guest Home

At the Guest Home we are presently full, with a couple from Australia with an 18 month old in the apartment below us, and three missionary ladies in the rooms on the ground floor. There is a steady stream of reservations coming in for the coming months! A nice surprise happened when Shelley brought some baked goods to our newly retired neighbor in return for the “welcome back” gift of apples we had received.  He mentioned that he wants to come to church with us one of these days!  Pray for Mr. O and his wife to have the courage to come.

This and That

Pray for Dieter’s new involvement on the OMF Finance, Property, and Administration Committee.

Last but not least, pray for Rebekah, expecting our first grandchild at the end of February!  Shelley is planning to go back at some time to help out for a couple of weeks; the time frame is not yet determined.

Praise for:

-A safe journey back to Sapporo

-A warm welcome back at church, with coworkers, and with neighbors

-New prayer and financial partners

-A problem-free pregnancy for Rebekah

Pray for:

-Health and energy in these winter months

-Feb. 26: English Worship Service; Dieter preaching

-Feb. 20-2: Dieter at first Finance Committee meeting in Tokyo

-Safe delivery of our first grandchild, at end of February

-Neighbor to attend our church and get to know and accept Christ

-Our field director undergoing chemotherapy treatment against aggressive lymphoma

Feel free to let us know how we can pray for you!


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