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My name is Sinaia Smith and I’m a new contributor to Grace Notes.  I have wanted to get involved in the church for a while now, and recently I was given the opportunity to do just that through a ministry called “Heart for the Disabled.”  “Heart for the Disabled” is a Christian ministry for disabled children and their families.  It works by sending out encouraging notes and valentines all year long.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is no set due date for the letters of encouragement to the families, but the first set of “encouragementwill be mailed out for Valentine’s Day.  There are five families who need our help right now.  We would just need five people to volunteer to write some letters of encouragement.  This includes our younger people because everyone can make a valentine!  Some of these families are hearing about Christ for the first time.

Wondering how you can help?  You can make valentines, encouraging notes, drawings, poems, gift cards, all in the name of God.  There is a second way that you can get involved.  This second ministry is international and many kids who live in this country or in other countries need wheelchairs, but can’t afford to buy one. This ministry is called “Wheels for the World.”  I was thinking that we could start a fund for this ministry.  If you feel inclined to do so would you please contribute and help start this fund?  God calls us to go out and preach the Gospel.  With this in mind, will you help me start this ministry in our church?  For more information about this ministry, please contact

Editor’s note:  Both “Heart for the Disabled” and “Wheels for the World” are ministries of Joni and Friends, begun by Joni Earekson Tada

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